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Pre-Employment Testing

Powerfully simple pre-employment testing.

Wonscore’s scientifically proven platform helps you easily identify who to interview and hire. No more relying solely on gut-level decisions. With Wonscore, you can validate your intuition with facts that help you make the best hiring decision.

Discover a simpler, faster way to hire better employees.

Benefits of Pre-Employment Testing with Wonscore

  • Makes hiring easy – Administer and view test results within your account to quickly qualify and track your candidates.
  • Less time spent hiring – Streamline your hiring process by focusing only on qualified candidates.
  • No calculating – A single score that helps you compare candidates
  • Fast set-up – Start testing in less than 10 minutes!
  • Mobile-friendly – Optimized for any device

Screenshot of the Autopaychecks Recruiter software.


Hire Smarter in Three Easy Steps:



Match your current job opening(s) to a Job Profile on the Wonscore Job Directory


Automatically test your candidates (or manually invite candidates to test)


Review candidate results


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