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Video Interviewing

Fast Forward to your Shortlist with Video Interviewing: Online, Automated & Unrehearsed

Video interview allow you to involve all your team members in the process. They can all, at their convenience, view, rank and comment on video recordings and then compare candidates.

Interview your potential employees via video.

Benefits of Video Interviewing:

  • No scheduling for you or candidate
  • Fill positions faster
  • Screen 6 candidates or more in 30 minutes
  • Better quality hires
  • Spontaneous candidate responses
  • Share video interviews with hiring managers

Five Easy Steps:

  1. Prepare your interview questions
  2. Send e-mail invitations to your candidates
  3. Your candidates record their automated video interview
  4. Screen your candidate videos anytime, anywhere
  5. Select top candidates for next round

Employment candidate vieo interview.


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